How It Works

Welcome to Archimedicus 1.1, updated April 20, 2015

Please be advised that this is a "work in progress."  It has literally been under development (albeit in fits and starts) for over 10 years. We admit that it is far from perfect, but we hope you find it useful, and easy to use. Please send us your feedback so we can make it better.


  1. Getting Started
  2. How to post a new project
  3. Browse or search for projects
  4. How to find equipment
  5. How to find help with a specific problem


1) Create an account.  (I PROMISE that you will NOT be spammed, your information will not be sold, and we will not spy on you.)


enter your name, email address, choose a password…

* CMU Faculty: please use your ANDREW email ( for reasons you’ll see momentarily.


2) You will receive an email message asking for verification.  Please click on the link and return to Archimedicus.

3) log in


4) this should take you to your Profile page.  Click “edit profile”

(if for some reason the site doesn’t automatically take you there, you can navigate directly by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner, and choose “edit profile”

5) CMU Faculty: On the Edit Profile Page, click “download data from digital measures”

And BEHOLD!  By Magic, your publications and patents should appear in your profile!

You may stop here and take a break if you like. But if you have another minute or two, you should populate your profile with useful information that will help others connect with you:

  • Tags: e.g., keywords, expertise, and interests
  • Short Biosketch: feel free to cut/paste from your personal homepage (or your departmental page)
  • Thumbnail photo
  • Equipment and tools that you own/manage which you are willing to share.
  • Interesting Projects that you are working on which you'd like people to know about.

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  • You discover a new Request for Propopsals from NSF and wish to solicit collaborators.
  • You are a physician with an idea for a research study, or medical invention and wish to find interested CMU students and faculty.

From the Homepage, click "Post new" and...


NOTE: there are two important tags associated with projects:

  • Soliciting Collaborators (Y/N) - determines whether or not the project is posted to the Project Bulleting Board
  • Project Status: (proposed/ongoing) - simply lets people know how well established the project is (e.g. if the project is funded or not)

NOTE: you can also post projects directly from your Profile page.  You may wish to do this simply to make them discoverable, i.e. let people know what you're working on.

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Once a project is posted with Seeking Collaborators = yes, colleagues and students can find them. Either by browsing or searching. Here is one scenario:

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Say, you urgently need a 20 Gigawatt Flux Capacitor..

  • From the Homepage, click "Search" equipment, which will take you to the full list of equipment that you can browse or search.  If you find what you're looking for, you can contact the owner directly by sending a message (which is pushed to email), or by contacting him/her offline.
  • If you cannot find what you need, return to the homepage and click "Post Request" and add any special details or requirements.

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  • you are working on a project and need to find someone with specific expertise, say in soft robotics or industrial design...
  • you are a student who is stumped by a homework problem and want to find another student, or professor who can help.

The procedure is the same as for Equipment.  You can search or browse requests in a similar manner.

NOTE: in the next version, we will replace this function with a discussion board, and include a daily digest of requests that will be emailed to enrolled/subscribed users.

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That’s it for now.  THANK YOU in advance for your participation!

Jim Antaki

revision history

  • version 1.0. Launched January 23, 2015.