Prof. James Antaki
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President , AntakaMatics, Inc.
Professor , Carnegie Mellon University
Project Status : Proposed
Project Status : Proposed
Project Status : Proposed
Authors : Bronwyn E. Uber,Steven A. Webber,Victor O. Morell,James F Antaki,
Authors : Arielle Drummond,Timothy Bachman,James F Antaki,
Authors : S Mitra,Marios Savvides,James F Antaki,
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The insanity of ventricular assist devices: Doing the same think and expecting different results. Circulation Heart Failure
James F Antaki,
Circulation: Heart Failure
Survival after biventricular assist device implantation: An analysis of the Interagency Registry for Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support Database
J Cleveland,D Naftel,R Brett,M Murray,James F Antaki,F Pagani,D Francis,J Kirklin,
Journal of Heart Lung Transplantation
Safety-enhanced optimal control of turbodynamic blood pumps
K Gwak,James F Antaki,B Paden,B Kang,
Artificial Organs
In Vitro Evaluation of Ventricular Cannulation for Rotodynamic Cardiac Assist Devices
T Bachman,J Bhama,J Verkaik,S Vandenberghe,R Kormos,James F Antaki,
Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology
In Vitro and In Vivio Performance Evaluation of the Second Developmental Version of the PediaFlow Pediatric VentricularAssit Device
T Maul,E Kocyildirim,C Johnson,A Daly,S Olia,J Woolley,S Snyder,S Bengston,M Kameneva,James F Antaki,
Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology (CVET)
Biocompatibility assessment of the first generation PediaFlow(tm) pediatric ventricular assist device
Carl Johnson,James F Antaki, S Vandenberghe, AR Daly, JR Woolley, ST Snyder, JE Verkaik, S-H Ye, HS Borovetz, JF Antaki, PD Wearden, MV Kameneva1 and WR Wagner,
Artificial Organs
Removal of malaria-infected red blood cells using magnetic cell separators: A computational study
Jeongho Kim,Mehrdad Massoudi,James F Antaki,Alberto Gandini,
Decision tree for adjuvant right ventricular support in patients receiving a left ventricular assist device
Yajuan Wang,Marc A. Simon,Pramod Bonde,Bronwyn U. Harris,Jeffrey J. Teuteberg,Robert L. Kormos,James F Antaki,
Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation
Three-dimensional microfiber devices that mimic physiological environments to probe cell mechanics and signaling
Warren C. Ruder,Erica D. Pratt,Sasha Bakhru,Metin Sitti,Stefan Frank Zappe,Chao-Min Cheng,James F Antaki,Philip R LeDuc,
Lab on a Chip
2012-April (2nd Quarter/Spring)-
In vitro hemodynamic evaluation of ventricular suction conditions of the EVAHEART ventricular assist pump
Antonio L. Ferreira, ,Dorian K. Arnold,Stijn Vandenberghe,Jonathan Grashow,Tomoya Kitano,David Borzelleca,James F Antaki,
International Journal of Artificial Organs
2012-April (2nd Quarter/Spring)-